Thursday, December 4, 2008

SURVIVOR Dodgeball Tournament 08

Team Aarrgghh!!
For the second year in a row, I was fortunate enough to be invited back to Long Island to participate in one of the BEST SURVIVOR Charity events. Mr. Grant Stanis brings together 50 or so SURVIVORS to help raise money for several charities. Last year, we helped raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes. This year we helped raise funds for the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research foundation, in honor of one of our own who is a TRUE Survivor of Breast Cancer, Jennifer Lyons. We had an AMAZING time! A little side note here, as happened to me on the actual SURVIVOR, in real life, for some reason, I am underestimated. Since this is something that I noticed very early on in life, I've learned to use it to my advantage, preferring to work quietly to achieve my goals, whatever they may this case, being the alst person standing on my team...both years in a row!!

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Betsy Hijazi said...

Rita, you do have the knack for playing dodgeball! Just like with the first year's event, you rocked it, and knew how to stay in the game. You Showed Them! LOL