Wednesday, November 19, 2008

News Paper Headline...SA Express News

Just as SURVIVOR FIJI wrapped up, I got a call from the Fashion Editor of the SA Express News, the fabulous, Michael Quintanilla. He, it turns out, was a big Survivor fan. Our first meeting was because he wanted to film a video of me at a very BIG event here in San Antonio called Niosa, during Fiesta: "Survivor Surviving Niosa!" When we met, he was so funny. He did kind of a double take when I introduced myself and said "YOU're Rita?" "Yeesss!" I said, wondering why he was asking me like that. OMG, I expected you to be more simple, plain, not like THIS!! Geez, he said, very sweetly, you look like a model!" Huney, compared to what I looked like on Survior, YES!! Anyhow, that meeting led to him brainstorming and coming up with doing a whole fashion spread for one of the Sunday Newspaper magazines: SPICE. This photo shoot, w/o question, was not just an honor because it was a feature article and the cover, but one of the highlights of my modeling career. THANK YOU so much, Michael and your whole team, Hair: Tina from House of Styles and makeup by Carrie and, of course, the fantastic photographer, Kevin Geil.

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