Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celebrity Boxing Match 09

I actually wanted to be one of the boxers at this event! You know I'm always up for a My congratulations to all involved in putting this together. I was contacted, very last minute, by Lisa Bombin of Unico Communications. The night before the event, I get a call from her asking if I could be a "Ring Girl..." Huh?? Huney, the only way I'll do the bikini thing in front of a lot of people is if I'm starving on an island somewhere..just kidding. Seriously, though. I was kinda flattered that they would approach me for something meant for much younger girls, but I'm very adamant when it comes to being sexy, I like to keep the "class" element very close by. Thankfully, they accepted my "elegant" ring girl proposal. As a special treat for me, I got to Co-Emcee the Auction..that was so much fun!
(photo by Scott Smith) Here is an image that just came out in SCENE IN SA Magazine this month, with the very classy Champ, Jesse James Leija
Here I am with my friend and co-"King of Chips" to my "Queen of Salsa" and the First Annual "Chips & Salsa" Fiesta event... and, of course, the BEST candidate for Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro.

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