Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Longhorn Live Blood drive for University Hospital, San Antonio 09

Signing an autograph for one of the donors. Happy viewers were fans ..wish they had been my Tribe:(

From left to right, The Coach of the Incarnate Word football team, a couple of the players, Nicholas and Johnny Walker.
A few weeks ago, Longhorn Gene, Host of the Sports talk Radio Show, Longhorn Live on KLUP 930am, asked me to come and sign autographs for those donating blood. I jumped at the chance to do anything to help this cause. I, currently, have 2 dear girlfriends, one, a childhood friend, Diedra and the other, a TRUE Survivor, also a fellow Castway from the Reality Show Survivor, Jennifer Lyon, battling breast cancer in their bones. I had just gotten off the phone with Diedra who had just received a blood transfusion, without which, she told me, she could NOT survive this battle. I'm thrilled to say we went past our goal of 100 donors!
Here are some images from the event which, locally, was inspired by a little boy, Nicholas, and his family, survivors of what could have been a fatal car accident. Thank God they Survived.

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