Monday, October 5, 2009

TV Host for US Health Department DVD

Over the summer, I was so fortunate to get picked to be the "Host" for a wonderful informative DVD put out by the US Department of Health. It will be handed out to all patients of the WIC clinics throughout the United States. Thanks to my parents helping to not forget my native Spanish, I was also picked to do the version in Spanish. I have to give a special thanks to an amazing lady, who also directed me in the leading role for her upcoming indie dark comedy....details to follow soon! Raina James, thank you so much for recommending me for this and also a co-star of that same film Amanda Hovis.
For 3 weeks we toiled filming this in the outskirts of Austin. Kudos also to the whole production team at AMS, the Producer, "my girl" Kelly Kaelin, for putting on an impeccable production in spite of parts of fingers getting cut off and new languages being created..words such as "flustrated!" had to be there! Also, thanks to the Director of this production "El Jefe," Dale Sindt. Jefe...I just took a shower, btw, so I'm clean all over! Again, you had to be I had a blast...thanks to EVERYONE for puttin' up with all my silly jokes! I hope to get a chance to work with all of you in the near future. To anyone reading this, please, visit a WIC clinic, if only to pick up your FABULOUS DVD! lol!

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