Monday, October 5, 2009

IADT San Antonio honors Michael Jackson

Here I am on the Red Carpet at the Museo Alameda, where the fashion show took place, with Cynthia Rangel, Program Chair Fashion Design and Marketing for IADT
A few weeks ago I attended a wonderful fashion show honoring Michael Jackson. The students and graduates of IADT were given a chance to design outfits honoring the career of Michael Jackson. I was happy to be able to get a front row runway seat along with my best friend, Kim Carman and her little girl, Katie. The latter just watched the beautiful models, eyes wide open! It was a very impressive production and,once again, I commend IADT for continuously giving their students and graduates venues to feature their talents. Btw, I will be a Speaker at IADT this Friday, October 9th on "Career Day," one of the MANY SA Fashion week events taking place this week. Check out and thanks so much to all who nominated me for San Antonio Fashion Advocate. I'm one of the finalists!!

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