Monday, August 30, 2010

RealityTV Club's 1st Annual Reunion on Catalina Island!

Above, left to right: The BIGGEST Liar EVER on Survivor, Jonny Fairplay, Richard Hatch (1st winner of SURVIVOR Borneo) in the baseball cap, Aras Baskauskas (winner, SURVIVOR EXILE ISLAND)Jesse Csincsak (winner,Season 4:The Bachelorette) Evel Dick (yes, you read right..Winner Big Brother 8) Sandra Diaz-Twine (2 time winner SURVIVOR) Todd Herzog (Winner, SURVIVOR China).
Although it looks like we enjoy being miserable on SURVIVOR, once getting "voted off" (lol) we haven't stopped having fun. This past April, Catalina Island hosted the 1st Annual Reunion for participants of the shows SURVIVOR, BACHELOR, BACHELORETTE, AVERAGE JOE, BIG BROTHER and PIRATE MASTER. For us on SURVIVOR, it was a part 2 of the 10 year Reunion we had in January (that one was a bit more formal, a big Red Carpet event at CBS studios). This one, incredibly well put together by Christa Hastie Waydo (SURVIVOR Pearl Islands) more in the familiar island setting. At 1st, I was hesitant to "sign up" because they said we'd be in tents w/no electricity...not gonna willingly "sign up" for that (those who know my story know that I didn't sign up for SURVIVOR, but was recruited/spotted by an agent of the show). Anyhow, when I heard we could have all the food and hydration we wanted..I was! Was ensued was an unforgettable weekend, especially because I didn't know we'd be joined my participants from the above mentioned shows. New "alliances" were made and, happily, no one was "voted off!..."
The night before taking the ferry to Catalina Island, we stayed at "The Queen Mary" Hotel in San Diego. It's, literally, a cruise ship, alla "The Titanic." In fact, it's rumoured that ghosts inhabit the bungalow hallways. I shared a bungalow with the funny and sassy fellow Latina/ONLY 2 time WINNER of SURVIVOR, Sandra Diaz Twine. Here we are checking our phone's for our kids messages! the night before on "The Queen Mary." (Below)The next morning, we had to make a run to the nearest Walmart, cuz that's how Ms. Sandra remain's a millionaire..atta girl! to get a sweatshirt because the weather turned out to be about 20 degrees below what we thought it was going to be! Brrrr!! We ran into Richard Hatch (the infamous 1st winner of SURVIVOR and his partner, fellow South-American Emi)
The weekend was FULL of super fun activities. Below right:The Hiking Group photo. The last day, we had a Scavenger Hunt. Here I am with my team, "strategizing"..while the team to our right tries to cheat by listening in..Wow, what a surprise! It's Jonny Fairplay listening in!! This Scavenger Hunt was one of the FUNNEST times I've ever had. It was VERY hard and sooo tiring, but our "tribe" had a blast. Here I am with Arthur Wells (Bachelorette, Season 4)Suzie Williams(Bachelor, Season 5),Kendra Guffey(The Pirate Master), Dennis Luciani(The Beauty & The Geek)...not sure why Dennis was on that show cuz he's truly one of the coolest dudes ever!(below left)Contestants and now, my new friends from the Bachelor/Bachelorette Reality Show: left to right, Jesse Csinsak (winner of Bachelorette, Season4), but that didn't work out so he fell in love with another "Bachelor" contestant who's the one standing to his right, Anne Csinsak (yes, you read right..she's Mrs. Csinsank, they recenlty wed in Vegas! David Vargas, Jeannette Cherie Pawula, Arthur Wells Webb (the Bachelorette, Season 4),Elizabeth aka, Kitty Katt (The Bachelor Pad),Brian Westendorf (The Bachelorette, Season 4),Suzie Wells (the Bachelor, Season 5). The last night, at the campfire with Brian Westerndorf (The Bachelorette, Season 4)..I spared you the performance goin' on in front of us as Spencer (SURVIVOR Micronesia) was re-enacting one of the Lady Gaga
They are ALL so fun, down to earth and beautiful people inside out! So happy and blessed to have made these new friends..can't wait for next year!

Friday, August 27, 2010

On the Cover of TRENDS Fashion Magazine

The summer after appearing on SURVIVOR FIJI, I was very fortunate to have gotten a call from, Michael Quintanilla, the Fashion Editor for the SA Express News (former Fashion Editor of the LA times), with a proposal to feature me in a Cover Fashion Editorial for a magazine called SPICE. ( I'm so blessed that, 3 years after my experience on SURVIVOR, I received, once again, a phone call from Michael wanting to feature me on the cover, once again with en editorial Swimwear photoshoot inside the magazine. I was so thrilled and grateful and VERY surprised that he chose to feature me on the cover. As if that weren't enough, a week after the magazine came out,he received a request from Dillard's to have me do an autograph signing due to the success in swimwear sales that,apparently, my images in TRENDS, had generated. Thus, I arrived at Dillard's on a weekend Saturday, this past June, to find the assistants filling a bunch of gift bags. I was worried they were filling too many!! God is so good to me, that my fear of no one coming out to see little ole me, were without foundation. The autograph signing brought out a wonderful outpouring of people who have been admiring my work from afar. I'm so grateful to everyone for the time they took to come out and meet me. I pray God continues to give me opportunities to keep doing things with my career that serve the double purpose of providing for my children and giving back to this city that I love so much.
Above, a short video at the autograph signing. Here I am w/Michael Quintanilla and, the photographer, Kevin Geil as he captures the last rays of sunlight! ...and below, the cover shot!
The Fashion Expert does his thing...placing the scarf just right:) To the right, striking one last the JW Marriott Resort Spa Pool..
Rita on the!

My name comes up in Hollywood, thank you Jeanne!

I really can't believe this. My name mentioned in the same page as Eva Longoria's AND Drew Carey remembered me a YEAR after my appearance on the The Price Is Right??? I'm soo embarrassed, but my dad, like any dad would do for his little girl, reassured me telling me that what was important was to be remembered. You be the judge..LOL.

From Jeanne Jakle's SA Express News Column on Wednesday, Augt. 25th, 2010

While in Holly-wood recently, a couple of other TV writers and I grabbed Eva Longoria Parker after a Desperate Housewives press session to ask about the trade rumors swirling around husband Tony.
If the Spur gets traded, one critic asked, where would Eva want to live? New York?

"I can't imagine our life outside of San Antonio right now," she purred.

She also shared ways the two are eco-friendly. "I have a hybrid," she said, adding that she and Tony "don't have bottled water in the house; we have filtered water."

Yes, press conferences are OK, but the smaller scrums with the stars usually net juicier quotes, particularly when you're looking for something related to home. I found some such goodies while sifting through my recordings from Hollywood parties the other night.

Two happened at a CBS bash. Spying Drew Carey from The Price Is Right, I asked him about what looked like a painful encounter with San Antonio's Rita Verreos (of Survivor fame). It happened when she was a contestant on The Price is Right last summer. After winning a round, the pretty Verreos became so excited she jumped on Carey, accidentally bumping a sensitive area.

"She kneed me right in the nuts!" he replied, laughing. "It wasn't that great - I had to take a moment."

Oops. But don't worry, Rita, Carey didn't seem all that upset by the incident. "It wasn't the worst I've ever gotten," he said, smiling. "I've been hit by baseballs harder in high school."

See full article here:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Team Survivor Stands Up | Stand Up To Cancer

FINALLY, "Survivors" Unite forces and go public with something we've been doing behind the scenes since the inception of the TV show, SURVIVOR. Since my participation on SURVIVOR, I, alongside everyone who has participated on SURVIVOR have flown to cities throughout the United States and in our communities, to give, in our own, usually fun and crazy way, to so many charities. I've been particularly fortunate to have been asked to use a bit of what I do for a living as TV Host/Spokesperson/Model, to Emcee many events. Please, take a look at this new way that I'm trying to help, once again, alongside my unique and so very special SURVIVOR family!
Team Survivor Stands Up | Stand Up To Cancer