Friday, August 27, 2010

My name comes up in Hollywood, thank you Jeanne!

I really can't believe this. My name mentioned in the same page as Eva Longoria's AND Drew Carey remembered me a YEAR after my appearance on the The Price Is Right??? I'm soo embarrassed, but my dad, like any dad would do for his little girl, reassured me telling me that what was important was to be remembered. You be the judge..LOL.

From Jeanne Jakle's SA Express News Column on Wednesday, Augt. 25th, 2010

While in Holly-wood recently, a couple of other TV writers and I grabbed Eva Longoria Parker after a Desperate Housewives press session to ask about the trade rumors swirling around husband Tony.
If the Spur gets traded, one critic asked, where would Eva want to live? New York?

"I can't imagine our life outside of San Antonio right now," she purred.

She also shared ways the two are eco-friendly. "I have a hybrid," she said, adding that she and Tony "don't have bottled water in the house; we have filtered water."

Yes, press conferences are OK, but the smaller scrums with the stars usually net juicier quotes, particularly when you're looking for something related to home. I found some such goodies while sifting through my recordings from Hollywood parties the other night.

Two happened at a CBS bash. Spying Drew Carey from The Price Is Right, I asked him about what looked like a painful encounter with San Antonio's Rita Verreos (of Survivor fame). It happened when she was a contestant on The Price is Right last summer. After winning a round, the pretty Verreos became so excited she jumped on Carey, accidentally bumping a sensitive area.

"She kneed me right in the nuts!" he replied, laughing. "It wasn't that great - I had to take a moment."

Oops. But don't worry, Rita, Carey didn't seem all that upset by the incident. "It wasn't the worst I've ever gotten," he said, smiling. "I've been hit by baseballs harder in high school."

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