Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winning the 1st Annual "Dancing With the Lonestars!"

I don't even remember how this one landed on my lap, so like EVERYTHING that lands on my lap, I'm gonna say it's, once again, God, playing my Agent:) I received an emailfrom one of the Directors of the San Antonio Dream Center, Ms. Lucy Rule, asking me to be a "Celebrity" dancer for this event to help raise funds for their "Adopt a Shelter" program. I'm always on board for things that are to help others. Also, I was a professional ballerina so I was thrilled to use my dancer's background once again, after 20 yrs. of NOT having used it! So off I went to the Arthur Murray's Dance Studio where I was assigned a professional ballroom dance instructor (Yes, just like in "Dancing with the Stars!") and I started my daily 2 hr. practices for a week, learning to Waltz! From my experience on SURVIVOR, you'd gather that I'm a bit competetive so I took this VERY seriously. The daily practices paid off, however, as I waltzed away with the 1st Annual "Dancing with the Lonestars" trophy! My kids were there to watch me, my son feeling a bit embarassed as he usually feels by most everything I do..he's at that age:). My father, however, being a former professional ballroom dance instructor himself, was very proud of his little girl! Btw..I got a almost perfect score (three 10's and one 9!!). I was competing against the current winner of the Connexion's Hottest Latina contest, whom you may recognize below as one of my fellow models in the TRENDS June 2010 Swimwear photo shoot where I was featured on the cover:) Small world! Here I am during one of my practices leading up to the contest, at Arthur Murray's Dance Studio with my Instructor and Dance Partner for the event, Rene. (Please forgive the "battery low" sign in the middle of the video. The person doing me the favor of video taping it wasn't familiar w/the IPhone so they left that sign on there because they were afraid that tapping on it would stop the recording).

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