Monday, November 15, 2010

NIKOLAKI, main designer showcase at Orange County Style week, 2010

My famous fashion designer brother, Nick, presented his collection at Orange County Fashion week this past month. We're very united as a family & super supportive of each other's careers so our Mom, my daughter and I showed up, along with our first cousin who came from the Bay Area to show Nick his love and support. Here's some footage from Nick's show:
Here's the moment when Nick 1st sees his was a surprise that she would be there so, forgive my shakin' my Iphone Camera when he came over to hug us!! Below, with my daughter, Casia, my cousin's wife, Regina, my cousin, Chris, Nick, my mother Raquel) Here my cousin and I are brave enough to be in the same photo with 2 former Miss Universes! Justine Pasek(Miss Universe 2002) from my mother's native Panama and Brooke Lee from USA. Brooke, whom I know well because she's become one of my brother's BEST friends is always so sweet and generous w/me and reminded me, "hey Rita! you're a Miss Venezuela!" . Here I am with the stars of the event, my brother, Nick and his partner, David Paul at the Red Carpet of the "Active Ride" store at the Spectrum Shopping Mall where OC Fashion week was being held. My brother Nick and I at the after party.On the OC Style week stage w/Nick & his partner, David and Brooke Lee, Miss USA & Miss Universe 1997 Very mysteriously the photos I took w/fellow Reality TV family, Tenley and Kiptyn from "The Bachelor/Bachelorette & the Bachelor Pad," disappeared. I remember we took several on the different days because Kiptyn was very debonnaire complimenting my outfits and very sweet to tell me I didn't represent my age. Thank you, Kiptyn! So, I'm sad that I don't know where our photos went, so, here's on of them w/my handsome brother & Star of OC Style week, Nick.


La Bella Donna said...

Gorgeous as always Miss Rita!

survivorone said...

How awesome. Thanks for sharing. Other than the amazing designs,the family sharing each others achievements is what makes this so special.

survivorone said...

Hey again Rita. The comment was from me and plase also pass along my congratulations to Nick.
Gillian Your Survivor family friend

lam said...

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