Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another informative event at STADIA Medical Spa

Since coming back to civilization after my experience on SURVIVOR FIJI, I've been so fortunate to be pampered by the BEST Spa in San Antonio, owned by Dr. Jaime Garza, the facial injury Dr. of our Champions, the Spurs. I am now hairless thanks to their excellent laser hair removal services, mine done by the wonderful technician, Ms. April Campbell. I also enjoy a manicure and pedicure or 2...whenever my hectic schedule permits, which, unfortunately, isn't very often. Dr. Garza recently held this informative event at Stadia Spa. To the right, a Radio Spot that I did recently to invite everyone to the event. (click on Download to listen!) Go to STADIA to pamper yourself during the Holiday's. Their gift cards make GREAT gifts. I took my brother Nick, to Stadia Med Spa, last Christmas and he said it was the BEST gift he'd gotten in years. Search, Stadia, for images of my brother's visit:)

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