Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dillards North Star helping me raise funds & awareness for Breast Cancer

Last summer, thanks to the SA Express News Fashion Editor,  I was the TRENDS swimwear covergirl.The editorial featured me modeling the latest swimsuit line at DILLARD's.  During an autograph signing that DILLARDS organized to help promote TRENDS magazine and the swimwear, I met one of the MOST amazing, giving women I know, The Director of the Makeup and Fragrance Department, Mrs. Delia Suciu.  She was so sweet to come up to my table, that they had set up for me to meet & greet fans, asking for my autograph.  I noticed she had a distinctive accent that I recognized VERY well...reminded me of the way my GreekAuntie Marina Verreos speaks English.  Those that know me very well, know that I'm a linguist of sorts.( I have a Magna Cum Laude degree from UCLA in French & Italian literature, cosequently, I speak 4 languages) Anytime I hear an accent, I just can't help but the hopes that they speak one of the languages I speak so that I can practice! Delia responded that she was Romanian. I told her I thought she was Greek. Her husband, it turns out, is Greek and is the Priest at the Greek church that I attend, Saint Sophia! I love how God brings like people together!!  Thanks to this divine coincidence, Delia and I struck up a friendship. Thanks to this blessing of a friendship, Delia has ALWAYS opened the DILLARD's doors for me
Delia's back-she HATES being in photos!:( so I hope she won't be upset that I put her here !
 When I asked her if she would mind if I helped sell the "Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Celebrity Calendars along with some of my fellow Pin Up Celebrity models, not only did she say Ne! (That's YES in Greek), but she and her team went WAY beyond the call of duty, setting up mannequins w/very sexy PINK lingerie and PINK boxing gloves!

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With my dear friends, Lettie & Sonia Longoria-any relation to Eva? why yes! a cousin and a childhood friend, who, coincidentally has her same last name!

About to put on my PINK boxing gloves to continue my fight vs. Breast Cancer!

 I told you that Mrs. Delia & North Star went BEYOND their call of duty in helping me with this cause so...a couple of months later, around Christmas time...they set up another "Meet and Greet.,"  complete with Christmas tree, decorated with "Strike a Pose" Calendars! (see above photo...the tree behind me:)  ...that's Delia, btw, I told you she doesn't like to get her picture taken! lol. As if that wasn't enough, Delia also invited the AMAZING McArthur HS choir! (click on above video)  
"no, we really don't get ANY water or food or toilet paper or toothbrushes on SURVIVOR..LOL"

With the McArthur HS Choir Boys

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