Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Halloween Meet & Greet @ Tomatillo's Restaurant

I've been working year round....and will continue to work to raise awareness and funds for this cause until we find a cure that will save us from losing  our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins, wives, best friends! This was another event that one of my fellow "Strike a Pose" Calendar Celebrity Pin Up models set up at "Tomatillos," on Halloween Eve...I musta been coming from another event otherwise I woulda shown up in costume as did Ms. Eva Campbell-Morales  (below) who's workin' that body in that Catwoman suit...Halle Berry watch out!! Meeaaoooowwww!If  you want to donate to the Breast Cancer cause you can do so by going to any of the following links: (,,,,,,  The inspiration behind this calendar was a very loved local woman, affectionately known as Elf Louise. Her dear friends, the photographers of this Calendar got together along with Chris Duel, ESPN Radio Host, to Produce this wonderful Calendar to help raise awareness and funds for Elf Louise's Breast Cancer Treatment.  A "Help Elf Louise Locker Beat Cancer Fund" has been opened at the Bank of San Antonio to help Elf Louise with the exhorbitant medical costs so you may also deposit your donation there.
I did this calendar in Homage to my best childhood friend, Diedra Auci (you'll see on the homepage of my blogspot a "Star" that I made for her @ Stand Up 2 Cancer). She lost her 9 yr. long battle to breast cancer months after another friend and fellow "Survivor" Castaway, Jenn Lyon, lost her battle to breast cancer. That's why I will continue to work tirelessly for this that we don't lose any more of our mothers, friends, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmothers, teachers to this disease.  THANK YOU!

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