Thursday, July 14, 2011

STRIKE A POSE for Breast Cancer Celebrity Calendar, 2011

CharityMcCurdy(WOAI News Radio Host), Elf Louise, Karen Grace (Kens 5 Weekend News Anchor) and Me!

Karen Grace, Charity McCurdy, Me, Delaine Mathieu (WOAI news anhor), CJ Cruz(BMP Radio personality), Jennifer Broome (beloved former meteorologist anchor, WOAI),Karen Martinez(evening news anchor, Fox29 & currently battling breast cancer) & AraCeli(actress/tv personality).

Vanessa Johnston(Owner, Sundance Photo Arts-co-producer of the Strike a Pose Calendar)
Most, by now, know of a very painful loss I had last year..the passing of my best childhood girlfriend, Diedra Auci Bradshaw and my fellow SURVIVOR castaway and friend, Jenn Lyon, to breast cancer.  Being the "Guardian Angels" that they are, they felt my pain and, being my friends, they wanted to see me as they loved seeing me most, smiling.  Within a month of their passing, I received an invite to be featured as one of the models in the very 1st "Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Celebrity Calendar. An idea that came from Jim and Vanessa Johnston as they struggled to help a dear friend of theirs and a beloved woman of San Antonio, affectionately known as "Elf Louise."  Louise Locker has been battling breast cancer. Like many women in her position, she has no health insurance (I'm one of those women, btw:(.  Jim & Vanessa came up with this calendar to help her raise funds for her treatment.  Louise, being the giver she is, accepted only if the donations were to also go to Susan G. Komen foundation. Above is my page. I chose the month of July because it's my bday month, Yay!  The "look" of the Calendar was the 40's Hollywood Glam.  When my mom heard I was doing this, she busted out with the film "Gilda," starring Rita, my main image, I'm giving "Gilda," thanks to an exquisite gown designed by the MOST talented designer...yes, you guessed brother, Nick Verreos (NIKOLAKI).  In my swimsuit "look," I blatantly copied the cover of Vanity Fair that featured Elizabeth Taylor during the Richard Burton years (again, mom Raquel to the rescue...those who know my mom aren't surprised to read this..she found this "vintage" swimsuit at Walmart!!!).  My last "look," I begged for because I wanted to do an homage to my Father, a WW2 Vet and to ALL our soldiers so off I went to an Army Military Supply Store (those who are very close to me know that I'm all about saving money!) I found the "Andrew Sisters" outfit for $3:)  Yay!

This cause, as you have just read, is very near and dear to my heart.  A force stronger than myself, probably my friend Diedra cuz she's a tough cookie like me, was making me go BEYOND just voluteering to be a model in it. So, off I went on a mission to do EVERYTHING in my power to use this calendar to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancers so that others wouldn't have to go through what Diedra, Jenn myself and everyone who knew these 2 angels had to go through.  One of the 1st events that we did to help sell the calendars was set up by my fellow models also went beyond the call of duty, Comedienne Eva Cambell Morales organized a "Meet and Greet" at the LOL Club: Here we are on the Stage at the LOL Club talking about the Calendar:

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