Monday, July 25, 2011

STRIKE A POSE for Breast Cancer Celebrity Calendar, 2011Fashion Show @ Aldino's

Because this cause is so near and dear to my heart, I wanted to give more than just my time to be featured as a Model in the "Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Calendar so, I decided to Produce my 1st event.  Thankfully, it was a wonderful event, but boy! Producing is darn hard!!!  It gave me a WHOLE new respect and, definitely, understanding, for Producers (much like the newfound respect and admiration I have for video editors now that I've had to edit my own tv material).  Thanks to the MANY giving people in this city:  Nicole & Ed, owners of A.ldino's, who let me make Aldino's the venue for this event. Thanks to Corey Johnson (Academy, Marketing Director), thanks to Karen Martinez who brought her Fox Camera crew to do a news story about the event. Last, but not least, thanks to ALL the "Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Celebrity Models that participated in this fashion show. (my amateur Videographer was covering the microphone on my Iphone...sorry, nevertheless a video is worth a thousand words, right?)

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