Sunday, December 2, 2012

1st Latina Emcee for 2012 RINGSIDE SA Boxing Event!

NOVEMBER 2, 2012




9:00 PM - DANCE

Several years ago, I was asked to be a "Ringside" girl at a boxing event in San Antonio. Since I'm no where near being a "girl," I was extremely flattered and accepted the "gig"! Lol Please, click here( to see images from that event which was the 1st Annual Ringside SA. That one was held at the University of the Incarnate Word's Burton Grossman Salon. Thanks to very hard work and excellent PR, the event has catapulted in size to this years location; The Freeman Colisseum.  What an Honor to go from "Ringside" girl to becoming the 1st Latina to Emcee this event. special thanks to Maritza Quiroz of CE Group for recommending me. 
I'm not gonna lie, after Emceeing the 2012 RINGSIDE SA Boxing Event, I was even more grateful to havebeen asked to Emcee and not box! These were serious bouts...blood flying and all, yikes!  Lord knows I paid in my dues on SURVIVOR FIJI-breaking my cartiledge in my nose during the "Sumo Wrestling Challenge" was enough:( 


....I Survived, yay! 5 years later, all cleaned up:)

It was a pleasure to be in the Ring with the eloquent and very well know Ringside Fight Announcer, Mr. Lupe Contreras
 This event raised funds for the Southtexas Hispanic Fund. Kudos to the following talented and very professional women heading the Production of this succesful event: , Maricela Espinoza-Garcia & Marisela Barrera. People usually say "God works in mysterious ways."  In my life, God, actually, works in very clear ways. A few days ago, at a the "Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas" 5th year Anniversary event ( I met Mr. Dennis E. Noll,"SA Area Foundation" one of the main sponsors of Ringside SA (left). I was pleasantly surprised to find out was a big SUVIVOR fan!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reuniting with Latin Pop Sensations, Chayanne & Mark Anthony

 VP of ASCAP Latin Membership and 2011 BillBoard Magazine "Latin Power Players," Alexandra Lioutikoff

After the event, with Luis Fonsi
Several months ago, the VP of ASCAP Latin Membership, Alexandra Lioutikoff invited me to a Latin music event held at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, where Marc Anthony would receive the "Founders Award," (click video below)

David Beckham presents Marc Anthony with "2012 Founders Award."

 It was a night filled with special performances the likes of Latin Pop hearthrob, Luis Fonsi and the elegant & exquisite voice of Natalia Jimenez, who honored Marc Anthony by singing some of his songs:

A bailar con Chayanne! He didin't let down, delecting his fans with his signature dance moves & romantic ballads .
Igot the treat of hearing and meeting Marc Anthony, once again, when, last month, I was reunited with my dear life-long friend of over 20 yrs! Latin Hearthrob, Chayanne, during his "3 Gigantes" Tour.  I had a chance to spend some time with him and his friend and World tour colleague, Marc Anthony.

the first time I met Marc Anthony was when Chayanne and him did their first tour together, about 7 yrs.ago. He was w/JLo. That time, I remember I asked JLo if she could take a photo of myself with w/Chayanne and our best friends from Puerto Rico.  She was very sweet and told me Marc took better photos so Marc was the photographer. This time, Marc got to strike a pose w/Chayanne and I.  
The 3 Giants of Latin music
Marc Anthony belted out that powerful voice & like his song says "Valio la Pena!"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Continuing to help Animal Friends all over the US!

For the 3rd year in a row, I was invited and able to attend the Reality Rescue event in Glendale, VA last year.  (Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I was unable to attend this year)  It's because of those work commitments, NO COMPLAINTS, btw-as I always give so many thanks to God for the fact that I'm doing/pursuing what I love to do to make a living for myself and my kiddoes!  Better late than never, as son, too wise for his 15 yrs. of age tells me, I'm, finally, posting images from this fun and, thankfully, succesful event that reunites close to 100 Reality Show contestants.  April Mueller is the organizer of this wonderful event.  Here we are giving interviews for the fun internet show "Reality Nation,"  where I made new fabulous friends, fellow Host and Reality Show family (BIG BROTHER's Kevin Campbell), beautiful, Chelsia Hart whom, in my characteristic silly mode, I sang a love song to!  Click on the video to hear and see me doing a very silly dance!:
Here I am w/April: .
We got to mingle in the evening w/fellow contestants from ALL seasons of SURVIVOR and stars the likes of: Ozzy Lusth (3x SURVIVOR player:  Cooks Islands, Fans vs. Favorites, South Pacific)  and a special treat for me to run into my SURVIVOR FIJI "brothers" (below right) Earl and Dreamz. The following morning, we got to meet some of the doggies we were helping to rescue, here they are in the below videos: Besides getting to reunite with fellow SURVIVOR castmates/friends, meeting the doggies we're helping to rescue, for me a very special part/highlight, is meeting the wonderful, faithful, supportive, kind fans. Here I am w/one of my youngest fans and with one of my favorite sweet fans and  during the "Meet & Greet" Session:The last day, those of us who still had energy in us, played in a Soccer game w/some of our fans, who donated money to get the chance to play in the soccer game with us! I'm tellin' you, our fans are absolutely wonderful. I can't thank them enough. They have been a huge Blessing in my life.
Apparently, I'm like the Energizer Bunny...I just keep goin' and goin'...until I get voted off..LOL/:(  If you know me personally, you know that I'm ALL about having fun, being silly. My daughter, in fact, recently told me "mommie, the thing about you is you don't just act like you're 5, you REALLY think you're 5 yrs. old" ...yes siree Bob! Life is too short, I wanna laugh through it and, if I'm lucky, put smiles on as many people's faces as I can along the way. Hopefully, this will put a smile on yours:)  with my soccer team. Btw- we're NOT messin' around. Unfortunately, one of our kindest fans, Curt Clarke (4th from left) suffered a TERRIBLE injury when he slid to steal the ball from the other team.  I told you we're not messin' around. Here I am givin' it my mightiest "Grand Bat ma" Ballet He ended up in!! w/a broken ankle bone:((  & I'm done folks...lemme grab my purse and call it a day! Click here to see more "Animal Friends" events: and for more coverage from Reality

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Eva's Heroes Casino Night, 2012

On the Red capet donning one of my brother's NIKOLAKI vintage designs.
 I'm so happy & grateful  to be a part of Eva's Heroe's Casino Night, once again, this year. I've been very fortunate to have been a part of this event since it's inception 5 years ago. In fact, it's one of the very 1st "appearances" after my experience on CBS's SURVIVOR. Click here for images from the very 1st and 2nd Eva's Heroes events:
This time, it was at the JW Marriott Resort.  It was a special evening featuring Poker tables, of course and even Slot Machines!

 There was a Live and a Silent Auction which was, thankfully very succesful once again this year. I believe last year raising over $100,000.   Above to the right, some painting's by my good friend, Lettie Longoria's husband, Hector.  They also had a XBOX Tent set up where you could, well, play XBOX games. Here are Mario and Eva, playing like a "brother" and a "sister," well, not quite, shall I say like a grown up brother and sister would play,  having a blast!
The event was Hosted by the Eloquent Bill Taylor, Kens 5 Meteorologist 
former colleague of mine from my beginnings on local television: HEB Plus! TV Spokesperson and Fill In morning news traffic anchor:

I'm forever grateful to Bob McGann and Kurt Davis for giving me those opportunities. I look forward to re-joining the Kens 5 team in the near future, if another opportunity opens up for me! I always enjoy running into my friend, Mr. Gordon Hartman, whose Foundation:  goes hand in hand w/Eva's Heroes.  Last, but not least, with Eva's wonderful family whom I treasure:  Lisa, Ella and Enrique..I adore them!

A quick interview on the Red Carpet on her way into the event:

SA Disabled Athletes Christmas Party at Morgan's Wonderland, 2011

 I've been very Blessed that God seems to bring to me, put in my path, opportunities to be involved, at any level, w/helping those w/special needs, as is the case that I've been a part of  Eva Longoria's events to raise funds for her organization, Eva's Heroes. Click here for images from past Eva's Heroes events:  One of my dear girlfriends, Manola, is VERY involved with the San Antonio Disabled Athletes Organization. She knows of my desire to help people with special needs so she invited me to the San Antonio Disabled Athletes Organization Christmas party last year.  I was soo happy to be a part of this. My mother tells me that , ever since I was a little girl, I've always had a connection with people with special needs.
You don't have to twist my arm to get me to dance! I had so much fun dancing w/Melissa Cheatwood and other wonderful children..I'm a pretty good dancer-bein' Latina and all..LOL, but I gotta admit, they taught me a move or 2! If you don't belive me, check out the pics below!
Throw yer hands up in the air everybody!-hey, at least I'm not clapping-my kids told me that clapping while you're dancing means your OLD!!! You're welcome for the tip:) lol

I don't think this one needs a caption, but  I'm gonna put one anyways, this is what you call "gettin' DOWN!"

Here I am with a beautiful little girl who I was THRILLED to have her mother tell me she was a fan of my  World Car Hyundai commercials!  I also met this extremely talented artist. He brought his art book to share with everyone that evening. Here I am trying to show off one of this creations:) Hope my daughter doesn't get jealous, she's also quite the artist! A Christmas party wouldn't be complete w/o Santa Claus!  Here we are asking for what we want for Christmas..(ps-this is a great Santa because I got what I wanted-to be w/my kids and see them getting everything they asked Santa for:)   If you take a CLOSE look, you may recognize him..hint, hint, he's known in San Antonio as one of the most prominent home builders and he's the force behind "Morgan's Wonderland."   Alrighty, if you just can't guess, here's your last hint!
W/Gordon Hartman and San Antonio Disabled Athletes Ambassador, Melissa Cheatwood
This Wonderful Christmas party was held at the Morgan's Wonderland Auditorium. For more information please click

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Emcee for 1st Annual HEALING HEARTS Gala benefitting THRIVEWELL Cancer Organization 2012

A couple of years ago, I lost my best childhood girlfriend, Diedra Auci Bradshaw and a fellow Survivor Castaway and friend, Jenn Lyon, to breast cancer.  Ever since my friend Diedra was diagnosed, I started doing what I could to help raise awareness and funds for this cause, from Blood Drives :  to Rallies around the country with fellow Reality Show contestants to posing in a Hollywood Glamour Pin Up Calendar;  A few months ago, one of my fellow "Celebrity" Pin Up Calendar Models,  San Antonio Fox Evening News Anchor Karen Martinez asked me to help her organize a Gala to raise funds for the THRIVEWELL Cancer Foundation.  Besides my above connection to this cause, Karen has become a Hero of mine as a working mother who hasn't let the Breast Cancer she's currently battling, slow her down. She is absolutely AMAZING! I was so Honored to help organize this event alonside another of her fellow News Reporters, Yami Virgin and ESPN Radio Host, Chris Duel.  As if that weren't honor enough for me, Karen asked me to Co-Emcee the Gala alongside Fox Weather Anchor,  Mike Hernandez.  One of the friends that I reached out to for help with the event was Eddie Romero, GM of TELEMUNDO.  I'm very lucky that they have always been tremendously supportive of  my work on television and in the community.  Thus, they produced a beautiful PSA which they ran on air to help me promote the Gala (below).  FOX was also tremendously supportive and had Karen on a few times to promote the Gala before and after the event. Click here to see an apperance on the Fox @ 9 Morning show: below with my AMAZING  parents (my Dad, 2X lung cancer survivor) and beautiful daughter.

 Karen was VERY  gracious to let me have a  moment to Honor my Hero, my father:  Click here to see/listen why: Thanks to EVERYONE who came to the Plaza Club to attend the Gala, including our Guest Speaker, the poised Mrs. Erica Castro, wife of the Mayor of San Antonio: and a special thanks to very generous sponsors who gave us items for the "Live Auction"   The "Healing Hearts" Gala was a HUGE success.  We raised $30,000!!  Please, click here for beautiful photos of a night full of delicious food, fun music and most of all, HOPE:)