Monday, May 7, 2012

LIVE Event Host! for Green Fields Grocery Grab!

COME ON OUT to the 2nd GREEN FIELDS MARKET Grocery Grab!!
Why? Because the first one was a BLAST!!  Watch/Read Below:

Recently, I  Emceed this a really fun event..the 1st  GREEN FIELDS MARKET Grocery Spree! 5 LUCKY Green Fields Market customers were given a chance to win ALL the groceries they could fill their shopping carts with in 60 seconds, PLUS a $100 gift card to GREEN FIELDS MARKET.  These ladies weren't messin' around. It reminded me of my  SURVIVOR FIJI challenges, where my tribe AND I were also vying for food!! LOL. "SURVIVORS Ready? ...Oopsy, I meant, GREEN FIELDS MARKET Shoppers Ready? and OFFFF they went!!  and the Winner Is? (to the right) Katherine Hawk, who, by the way, received the call that she had won the opportunity, in the middle of a dinner party at her home. Now, she won herself more than enough food to Host another dinner party...actually, she cleaned out the meat department!! Fortunately, GREEN FIELDS MARKET is known for keeping all their Departments fully stocked with the Freshest Products. In fact, I'm not just a hired Emcee for them..I'm a client (yes, that sounds familiar... I copied the catch phrase of that hair growth product...LOL)  Anyhoo, the stint on SURVIVOR FIJI left my intestines pretty beat up... I know, you're surprised by that...ha, ha, ha.  Thankfully, I found the products I needed to restore my intestines back to health at GREEN FIELDS MARKET! Special thanks to Rudy Arispe, President of Arispe PR and Mr. Marco Guerrero, President of the Tejeda Agency for hiring me to Emcee this event and also to Mr. Fred Perez, GREEN FIELDS MARKET store Director and all of his Employees!