Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rappeling over the edge of a 32 story Bldg.in downtown Austin to help "Make a Wish" come True!

I'm so happy to have gotten to help the "Make a Wish" Foundation in the past several years: At my most recent collaboration, Click here: http://ritaverreos.blogspot.com/search?q=Make+a+Wish I met Mr. Chad Wicks, Director of Marketing Communications and Events for the Austin Chapter of "Make a Wish" Foundation (to the right) A couple of months later, he asked me if I could be a "Celebrity" Rappeler as a part of their "Over the Edge" fundraising event in Austin.   As you can imagine, being on SURVIVOR, cured me of pretty much every fear-even my greatest one which is of the "unknown."  I've NEVER Rappeled so I figured if I was gonna do it, it was definitely going to be as a way of giving something back, cuz Lord knows I wouldn't have signed up to do this out of my own accord, just like I didn't sign up for SURVIVOR, btw... These adventurous things just always seem to find me...and I'm glad:) 
Getting geared up!
The team was so professional.  It was fun, but for some reason, I thought my feet would stick to the edge of the Building, a la "Spiderman,"  ha, ha, ha, but they didn't :(  and that FREAKED me out, I'm not gonna lie!

Other than that, the view of the Capitol Building was breaktaking..or wait, was it the fact that I was dangling over the edge of a 32 foot Bldg. what was making not breathe..ha, ha, ha!
  • So let's see: 
  • Jumping out of a Plane: check!
  • Being on SURVIVOR FIJI, the adveture of a lifetime: check!
  • Rappeling a 32 story Bldg: check! 
These are things on a "Bucket List" that I don't even have!  As I always sing:  "I sit and talk to God & he just laughs at my plans!" (FEEL, Robbie Williams)...because He seems to have better, definitely more adventurous plans for me. I can't wait to see what's next! I have an idea, but I guess even I will have to "stay tuned" to find out:)
* Thank you to Erin Molloy for the wonderful photographs!:www.erinmolloyphoto.com.

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