Monday, June 6, 2016

Runway Modeling, Beauty Pageant Coach and more!

One of the many things I enjoy about "Beauty Pageant" Coaching (and I purposely put it in quotes because nowadays, Beauty Pageants  encompass so much...not just winning a "Beauty Queen" crown). I absolutely love that it takes me ALL over the US.  On a few occasions this past year, I went to Houston, TX to teach Runway Modeling, Interview Skills, Audition tips and Acting to a wonderful group of women of all ages from Gabbana Models.
Special thanks to Sandra, owner of Gabbana Models! 

Even in big groups, I pride myself on giving each girl tips according to their specific needs. Above, teaching proper foot placement .

Rehearsing lines during the Acting lesson.

Individual attention ...teaching proper upper body placement.

Myself, left, w/Sandra, owner of Gabbana Models.

till next session..always end w/a group hug xoxoxoxo!

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