Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rita as Emcee..for the "Ovarian Cancer" Stuart Weitzman Fashion Show

With my newfound friend/angel, Debbie Soprano, Chair, Ovations for The Cure
Thanks to Ms. Leeza Gibbons and Mr. Michael Gutierrez, a couple of weeks after meeting Leeza last year, I was asked to Emcee a #StuartWeitzman fashion show in Anahaeim benefitting Ovations For the Cure which helps raise awareness and funds for the research and cure of #Ovariancancer (see links section). I dedicate this post to the timeless, Patty Franchi-Flaherty, who founded this organization and will live on forever. Patty, you are an angel that I know is in peace, but not resting because I know that you are watching over us and making sure that we continue to keep your dream and fight alive. It was an AMAZING experience for me and the first BIG event for me as an Emcee. Some day, I will figure out how to edit and upload on You Tube so that I can upload this video and the other events I've Emceed. For now, with my two little ones to tend to, my time is still soo images will have to do :-)

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