Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celebrity Boxing Match 09

I actually wanted to be one of the boxers at this event! You know I'm always up for a My congratulations to all involved in putting this together. I was contacted, very last minute, by Lisa Bombin of Unico Communications. The night before the event, I get a call from her asking if I could be a "Ring Girl..." Huh?? Huney, the only way I'll do the bikini thing in front of a lot of people is if I'm starving on an island somewhere..just kidding. Seriously, though. I was kinda flattered that they would approach me for something meant for much younger girls, but I'm very adamant when it comes to being sexy, I like to keep the "class" element very close by. Thankfully, they accepted my "elegant" ring girl proposal. As a special treat for me, I got to Co-Emcee the Auction..that was so much fun!
(photo by Scott Smith) Here is an image that just came out in SCENE IN SA Magazine this month, with the very classy Champ, Jesse James Leija
Here I am with my friend and co-"King of Chips" to my "Queen of Salsa" and the First Annual "Chips & Salsa" Fiesta event... and, of course, the BEST candidate for Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro.

Actor's Workshop

Here I am w/Mario Lopez, again, at an Actor's workshop produced by Joy Reinagel. I first met Mario a couple of summers ago in LA. His agent, Jimmy Villareal, was proposing me as a Co-Host w/Mario for an ESPN show as they were looking to replace a correspondant. Turns out it wasn't meant to be because they were, in fact, looking to replace a correspondant in Mexico City. That would have been pretty hard for me to do being in LA...I'm good, but not that Anyhow, I remember I wasn't excited to meet Mr. Lopez because this was coming on the heels of his divorce from the GA GA GORGEOUS Ali Landry. I was to say, I was very pleasantly surprised with who I found. He is so down to earth and, of course, so freakin' charming! He's very faithful to San Antonio and since, I've had the pleasure of doing several events with him here: Eva's Heroes, this actors workshop and the Dancing With the Stars event I mention below...I was having a bad hairday that

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Great American Tribute April 08

With Longhorn Gene at The Great American Tribute (getting mileage of this 20 year old dress designed by my brother you'll see, I am wearing it, again, a year later!)
Last year at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, a wonderful event took place: The Great American Tribute..honoring HEROES from the US Army. The event was Emceed by Bill Curtis from A & E. It was the brainchild of Lt. Col. Rene Brown. This man, by the way, until recently, was the head of the #1 Recruiting Battalion in the US! I am very grateful to him for he took me under his wing, as a fan of SURVIVOR and brought me into the presence of the true Survivors, our soldiers. Longhorn Gene was also a big part of making this event possible. Longhorn Gene I met when we Co-Judged a Dancing With the Stars type event here w/Mario Lopez.
Now, Lonhorn Gene is the Host of "Longhorn Live," a one hour radio show (previously on The Ticket 760am) where, once in a while, I will co-host to interview Longhorn "Celebrity" fans, such as Dennis Quaid, whom I interviewed several months ago.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Judging Miss Fiesta San Antonio 09

What an honor it was for me to be one of the Judges at the Miss Fiesta San Antonio Pageant this past weekend. 5 years ago, I arrived in this city knowing no one. To be seated among the judges of this prestigious local pageant was a wonderful accomplishment for me. It made me so happy to have my mother seated behind me and I could see in her face her pride. That's what it's all about for me, making my family and friends proud.
An Amazing group of girls competed and made it VERY difficult for us to make our final decision. Extremely talented, prepared and beautiful inside and out. A special thanks to Ms. Cara Nicholls who recommended me for the panel of judges. I am very impressed with this organization which empowers young girls with scholarships to help them continue to make their dreams come true. Viva Fiesta!!
Here I am with Rey Feo.I am, of course, wearing one of my brother's designs..a vintage NIKOLAKI.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala 09

On January 30, 2009, I attended the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala. What an event! Over 1,400 representatives of the Hispanic Presence in the city of San Antonio. I am in gratitude to the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ramiro Cavazos, por this invitation he extended to me. I had an amazing time, running into good friends like Priest Holmes whom I hope will have another one of his "Celebrity Basketball" Charity events this year and this time, I hope not to get hit on my head, right at the beginning of the game, with basketball!!

Cigars, Cufflinks and Cognac at The Valencia Hotel 09

Last week, my "brother" Kyle was in town to do a first time event at The Hotel Valencia. He asked me if I could join him because he said my "celebrity" status would help him bring people to the booth where his AMAZING Skin Care products would be featured. I warned him that I was a "celebrity" in his eyes because, hello!! He's like my brother so OF COURSE he says stuff to make me feel Anyhow, turns out the event was a HUGE success. It was packed with people and I was very happy not to disappoint :-) At the event, I ran into a couple of very good friends that I admire very much, Mr. Eliot Garza, the Owner of NSIDE magazine..hey Eliot...where's my article !!..ha, ha..we'll get to it soon!!
Here I am with one of the BEST Fashion Writer's in the United States, Mr. Michael Quintanilla whom I can't thank enough for the SPICE Cover and fashion spread he did with me. I'm still getting positive feedback from that! You can find images of that if you input SPICE in Search in my blog:-)