Saturday, December 31, 2011

Key Note Speaker at the Academy of Careers and Technology

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Last year, it was my pleasure and honor to be invited as a Guest Speaker at the Academy of Careers and Technology:  I was so surprised and grateful that this year, Mr. Earl Bullock asked me to be the Key Note Speaker during their Award and Honors end of year Ceremony.  I was able to share with these very intelligent and attentive students the importance of continuing wiht a Higher level of education and how  having attended UCBerkeley and UCLA and graduating with a Magna Cum Laude degree continues to open doors for me, including my spot on CBS's Reality Show, SURVIVOR FIJI.  After a 1/2 hour speech, which, unfortunately, when I transefered the video from my Iphone to my computer, the video somehow got erased:((   Too bad because I had spilled some "behind the scenes" SURIVOR FIJI secrets on there!  Above are some images at the "Meet & Greet" they set up for me after the Awards Ceremony. I was very impressed & grateful with how attentive and the respectful attention these students gave me. No doubt these students are a group of true Survivors!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beauty, Wellness Tips/Fashionista on UTILISIMA TV network!

I dont't even know where to begin to describe how this AMAZING opportunity came about for me. Rewind 20 yrs.: I was an Intern for Interscope Communications where I met and worked for David Madden, one of the Top Feature Film Producers of the company at the time. Fast forward 20 yrs: I reconnect with David to find, not to my surprise, the current President of Fox TV in Los Angeles.  He asked the wrong question: "So, Rita, what are you up to?" and next thing you know, he saw me go from being stranded on an island to seeing my work as TV Host/Spokesperson/Beauty Pageant Coach:  (  Next thing you know, I was at Fox TV offices in Santa Monica having a meeting with the President of Fox Tv International.  The stars were aligned for me!  A month later,  I was on an airplane to Fox Tv International  Studios in Argentina to film 8 shows as the "Beauty/Fashion Tips" Co-Host for the new Latin cable network, UTILISIMA ( It's a STYLE network in Spanish that Fox Tv International launched this year on US cable tv to select markets including New York, San Diego, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. Above is my 1st appearance on "Hola Martin,"  hours after disembarking my 10 hour flight to Argentina. They told me I wasn't going to be filming that day! See, folks, that's why you should always be "on it" or "workin' it!" Thank God I wasn't donning my SURVIVOR Fiji look! LOL

A very different way to read the newspaper!

my pocahontas pigtails look
my scarf look
How to deal with "Bad Hair Day"...among my circle, I've become known for pigtails and scarves..which everyone thinks is me being fashionable...actually, it's me dealing w/bad hair day! LOL

and for fun and easy way to do your hair: and one more fun way to do your nails, a different kind of French Manicure look: and saying goodbye to 2011 w/some last Fashion Tips!  Stay tuned for my upcoming new show on Fox Tv's Newest Latin network, UTILISIMA!  UTILISIMA can be seen on most mayor cable carriers, but if your city doesn't feature it, be sure to request it on Time Warner Cable or Dish!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring/Wedding Band!

An incurable romantic, I couldn't say no to doing this video!  Click here:
Thank you, Jeffrey Truitt photography for procuring me for this project and for the wonderful Head Shots and Modeling shots we got that day.

Emceeing to Help the "Make-A-Wish-Foundation"

Several years ago, thanks to my work as "Stage Presence/Runway Modeling"  Coach for the Miss California USA Pageant, I was able to help "Make A Wish" come true for a beautiful young girl suffering from a chronic skin disease.  I taught her how to work the Runway and work it she did! Unfortunately, I don't have a video of that. Ididn't realize that so many years later, I would be summoned, once again to help the "Make A Wish" Foundation (see kids, those of  you in the Entertainment industry, here's some advice: document ALL your work because you NEVER know!)  Although I don't have that video, here's a link to a similar type job I did and the Runway walk I teach:

With a beautiful TRUE Survivor & Make A Wish recipient:)
This time, however, I was so happy to get asked to help the "Make A Wish" Foundation as the Emcee for their Donor Recognition Awards Reception.  A Huge thank you to Ms. Amy Hone, Director of  Development for South Texas(above)   It was a pleasure and a Blessing to do this event. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Emceeing The Tejano Octoberfest, Nov. 2011

I was so happy to have been invited by Marie Valentin of Monte Cristo Santa Rosa to Emcee this wonderful event which was done to raise funds and food for the Monte Criso Center to donate on Thanksgiving. THANK YOU so much to ALL who came out to show their support. A special thanks to those who came up to me requesting an autographed copy of the "Strike a Pose for Breast Cancer" Celebrity Calendar ( I brought with me that day. Thank you so much for your donations for Breast Cancer Research.
Before I got started Emceeing, I did a couple of Radio Promos on KXTN Radio w/Baby J:

I had a fun time introducing my fellow "World Car" Spokesperson, Raulito Navaira who performed that day, alongside his son, on the guitar to his left and his daughter, who has the voice of an angel..reminiscent of Selena's voice!, to his right.  as well as the other acts that were performing that day:  and the "Kids Costume Contest!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feature Article in ELITE magazine, 2011

Thank you so much to Felix Salinas for this wonderful article. Click 5 times on the arrow, then Click "EXPAND"  to read.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Emcee for the " La Prensa Foundation" Scholarship Gala @ The Omni Hotel,2011

Last year, the Duran family Honored me with an "Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment" Award:  As if that weren't Honor enough, this year, they asked me to the be Emcee, alongside the Keynote Speaker, the Beloved & Talented Albert Flores.  They also asked me to be the voice narrating the Videos that highlighted the Honorees that night. An INCREDIBLE Video Production done by Quarter Moon Productions.

It was a very special night for all close to 4,000 Guests who attending. Made more special for me because I was accompanied by my parents, Jim & Raquel, my best gf, Liezel Patton and my two amazing children, Alain and Casia.  Alain was my videographer (takes him a few seconds to get himself situated:) Above: w/the Dashing and Beloved, Albert Flores, Meterologist on WOAI, abc, San Antonio. The whole La Prensa team worked ARDUOUSLY to put this succesful event together. Special thank to Thomas Ramirez, Patricia Saenz and Ana Cristina-for the beatuiful follow-up, front page article she wrote in La Prensa. Please, Click here to read full article:
With the Beloved Tino Duran, Founder and President of the La Prensa Newspaper and Foundation & Albert Flores,  WOAI Meterologist (& SUPER Talented Producer/Post Producer. We've become close friends in this past month working on my new TV Host Demo Reel at his company, that I HIGHLY recommend, DMI Productions)

So Happy & Grateful for the opporutnity they gave me to Host a 4,000 crowd of  Elite Guests at the Omni Hotel. (I'm wearing a NIKOLAKI design from my brother, Nick Verreos' collection.)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Women of WOW"Let's Get Loud," Rally TO STOP bullying

When I was in Middle School..I was bullied (click on video below to hear full story). That's why I jumped at the opportunity to Emcee this event.  THANK YOU soooo much to Women of WOW, Ms. Ellie Rios(above, right) for asking me to do this!!  I had such a GREAT time.  They had a FANTASTIC lineup of guests from  Chief Mc Manus Comedian Big Daddy to motivational speaker, Fabian to the basketball players from the Texas Fuel team and State Representative, Joaquin Castro. As if that wasn't enough, I also get so pleasantly surprised by a fellow Greek!!  Aristoteli, aka, DJ Chad Austin!  A few years ago, my son was bullied. Here's the story:

After a long morning of Emceeing and greeting friends and fans, I was ready for a meal. Well, what do you know, I'm affordable after all! LOL
(above right) As I was getting ready to leave, the ever supportive Mr. JesseCamarillo surpriseme with the "Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Calendar that I'm so honored to be featured as Ms. July! I'm so grateful to the sweet fans whom I was able to give this reminder of continuing the fight for Breast Cancer. 
Here are the Women of WOW  marching around Hemisfair Plaza to spread the "Anti Bully" message Loud and clear!
Also present to share their stories of being bullied, my friend, Mrs. Petite Texas 2011 and the current Miss San Antonio America, Michelle Spencer. You're probably surprised to find out that most Beauty Queens were bullied or picked on in some way..I know I was, as I shared in the above video.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reality Rescue Festival in VA!

Me & my  GORGEOUS roommate, Jen Nicole (Amazing Race)
My daughter's a HUGE Animal Lover. I credit her 4 getting me started in helping No Kill Animal Shelters:( )  So, last year, when I was asked by one of the Best SURVIVOR fans, Ms. April Muehler, to be a part of the Reality Rescue Festival ( I was THRILLED! April gathered 80 Reality Show participants for the event which was, I have to say, one of the EASIEST I've been invited to participate in. I've been a part of "Survivor" Charity events having us do everything from playing a new sport called "Ice Hockey" ( to dodgeball to kickball ( to softball to Fashion Runway Marathons ( This one has us doing something much easier, Wine Tasting! To no one's suprise, it was a HUGE success! LOL Here are some images from that weekend, almost a year ago! In fact, I'm getting ready to go once again this year:)  That's what reminded me that I still hadn't posted these images. Ever since my participication on SURVIVOR, I've been on an AMAZING non-stop journey, keeping me happily busy.  Thank you, God, for blessing me continuously with such fun ways to help others.

Sandy, the famous AND infamous Richard Hatch &Me arriving @ our hotel in VA.
A special hug for one of the most special and true blue SURVIVOR fans & dear friend to all of us, Darrell Wolcott.

On our way to the Autograph Signing at the winery w/Jen Nicole and Hayden Moss (Winner, Big Brother 12)

Sugar(SURVIVOR Gabon & SURVIVOR Heroes vs. Villains), Mindy Hall (Rock of Love Bus & "I Love of  Money"), Me and Jen Nicole

At the Autograph signing

Forever championing the Breast Cancer Cause.  Promoting sales of the "Stike a Pose" Celebrity Calendar that I was so fortunate to be a part of..that's my page:) all in memory of my friends, Diedra Auci Bradshaw and our my fellow SURVIVOR Castway, Jenn Lyon.

Part of the Reality Rescue Group...cleaned up and ready to have some fun !
With Dre, from my season of SURVIVOR FIJI. We weren't on the same tribe so I barely met him when we were on the island. This was our 1st time seeing each other since being on the show 3 years back!

"put your hand up in the air, put your hand up in the air!" Dancin' with one of the best dancers,  my fellow SURVIVOR FIJI Ravu Tribe member, Anthony Robinson.

Last but not least, with the organizer of this AMAZING event, Ms.April Mueller. We love you April!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Special Salute for a 3 Star General @ Market Square

Miss Bexar County 2011 (a girl I Coached for Miss Texas USA),  3 Star General Ricardo Sanchez and TTW Magazine Editor at Large, Cathy Cardenas
Cathy Cardenas, ESPN Austin DJ-Stephen Foster

Monica Dolph, Robert Romo (WALMART director & Pres. of SA Sports Assoc.),Dr. Cardenas, "Longhorn" Gene
This was a wonderful event commemorating 2 very special men of Latino decent, Dr. Cardenas and 3 Star General Ricardo Sanchez. It was a privilege to be invited to Present these outstanding Gentlemen with Awards from the San Antonio Sports Organization, recognizing their stellar achievements that day.  Thank you to my dear friend and Co-Host of Longhorn Live Radio,"Longhorn Gene,"  for making me a part of  presentation.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Halloween Meet & Greet @ Tomatillo's Restaurant

I've been working year round....and will continue to work to raise awareness and funds for this cause until we find a cure that will save us from losing  our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins, wives, best friends! This was another event that one of my fellow "Strike a Pose" Calendar Celebrity Pin Up models set up at "Tomatillos," on Halloween Eve...I musta been coming from another event otherwise I woulda shown up in costume as did Ms. Eva Campbell-Morales  (below) who's workin' that body in that Catwoman suit...Halle Berry watch out!! Meeaaoooowwww!If  you want to donate to the Breast Cancer cause you can do so by going to any of the following links: (,,,,,,  The inspiration behind this calendar was a very loved local woman, affectionately known as Elf Louise. Her dear friends, the photographers of this Calendar got together along with Chris Duel, ESPN Radio Host, to Produce this wonderful Calendar to help raise awareness and funds for Elf Louise's Breast Cancer Treatment.  A "Help Elf Louise Locker Beat Cancer Fund" has been opened at the Bank of San Antonio to help Elf Louise with the exhorbitant medical costs so you may also deposit your donation there.
I did this calendar in Homage to my best childhood friend, Diedra Auci (you'll see on the homepage of my blogspot a "Star" that I made for her @ Stand Up 2 Cancer). She lost her 9 yr. long battle to breast cancer months after another friend and fellow "Survivor" Castaway, Jenn Lyon, lost her battle to breast cancer. That's why I will continue to work tirelessly for this that we don't lose any more of our mothers, friends, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmothers, teachers to this disease.  THANK YOU!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dillards North Star helping me raise funds & awareness for Breast Cancer

Last summer, thanks to the SA Express News Fashion Editor,  I was the TRENDS swimwear covergirl.The editorial featured me modeling the latest swimsuit line at DILLARD's.  During an autograph signing that DILLARDS organized to help promote TRENDS magazine and the swimwear, I met one of the MOST amazing, giving women I know, The Director of the Makeup and Fragrance Department, Mrs. Delia Suciu.  She was so sweet to come up to my table, that they had set up for me to meet & greet fans, asking for my autograph.  I noticed she had a distinctive accent that I recognized VERY well...reminded me of the way my GreekAuntie Marina Verreos speaks English.  Those that know me very well, know that I'm a linguist of sorts.( I have a Magna Cum Laude degree from UCLA in French & Italian literature, cosequently, I speak 4 languages) Anytime I hear an accent, I just can't help but the hopes that they speak one of the languages I speak so that I can practice! Delia responded that she was Romanian. I told her I thought she was Greek. Her husband, it turns out, is Greek and is the Priest at the Greek church that I attend, Saint Sophia! I love how God brings like people together!!  Thanks to this divine coincidence, Delia and I struck up a friendship. Thanks to this blessing of a friendship, Delia has ALWAYS opened the DILLARD's doors for me
Delia's back-she HATES being in photos!:( so I hope she won't be upset that I put her here !
 When I asked her if she would mind if I helped sell the "Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Celebrity Calendars along with some of my fellow Pin Up Celebrity models, not only did she say Ne! (That's YES in Greek), but she and her team went WAY beyond the call of duty, setting up mannequins w/very sexy PINK lingerie and PINK boxing gloves!

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With my dear friends, Lettie & Sonia Longoria-any relation to Eva? why yes! a cousin and a childhood friend, who, coincidentally has her same last name!

About to put on my PINK boxing gloves to continue my fight vs. Breast Cancer!

 I told you that Mrs. Delia & North Star went BEYOND their call of duty in helping me with this cause so...a couple of months later, around Christmas time...they set up another "Meet and Greet.,"  complete with Christmas tree, decorated with "Strike a Pose" Calendars! (see above photo...the tree behind me:)  ...that's Delia, btw, I told you she doesn't like to get her picture taken! lol. As if that wasn't enough, Delia also invited the AMAZING McArthur HS choir! (click on above video)  
"no, we really don't get ANY water or food or toilet paper or toothbrushes on SURVIVOR..LOL"

With the McArthur HS Choir Boys