Thursday, October 16, 2008

SURVIVOR LIVE! interview at CBS, NY

For all you SURVIVOR's an excerpt from an interview that I had so much fun doing shortly after getting "voted off"...booh!! Stephenie was sooo sweet and Dalton, who had already made me feel like the Survivor hottie with his write up about my performance on the Slip and Slide Challenge. I mention that it was my crowning moment, but NOT for the same reason Dalton had written that it was. For me is was because, part of the challenge was to make a basket and I did it!! Thanks to all the years of playing basketball with my little boy (and to practicing w/Mookie earlier on that day w/ For Dalton, who is one of the Top Writers for "Entertainment Weekly" magazine, it was the "Slip and Slide" part of the challege that he felt I excelled in. I'll try to find the article where he writes why, for those of you who didn't watch the show or read the article. Regardless, considering how grim things had gotten for my tribe, Ravu, and cosequently dull for the viewers to watch us, I'm glad I was able to revive viewership, according to Dalton...ha, ha. Check it out above right:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Red Carpet Makeup Emergency tips, from Starley Murray, starring....

Celebrity makeup artist Starley Murray asked me to model for her on San Antonio on video to see her Red Carpet Emergency tips. I was just happy to get a chance to wear one of my brother's designs..even if it was on a "faux" Red Carpet. I have faith that I will someday, wear one of his designs on a real Red Carpet..that is part of my "dream."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TV Interviews on San Antonio Living, morning show, April 08

This is one of several TV interviews I am so fortunate to have gotten in these past couple of years. This was a "follow up" that I just found in my computer. I have so many videos that I need to add that I get anxiety attacks just thinkin' about the amount and where the heck they are!! I've been keeping everything in a pile in my room waiting till I get the "free" ha, ha, time I need to catch up...again, ha, ha.:-) I had a lot of fun doing these interviews. Thank you to Suzanne Ashe and Dawn Cole and, of course, Shelley!

TV Interviews!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rita goes to South Africa!!! ....(kinda :-)

My Season of SURVIVOR is currently airing in South Africa. Here's an article that just got published in their version of TV Guide. Before being "spotted" or recruited for the show, I had NO clue about SURVIVOR...hope that makes many forgive me for not making it farther in this gruelling game. Nevertheless, with the cards my tribe, Ravu, were dealt, I am really shocked and proud of how long I lasted. Now, I am way too clued I'm ready for ALL STARS!! ha, ha...or at least ready to take any Quiz on SURVIVOR cuz I got all, but one of the answers in this article right. It's official, I've become an obsessed SURVIVOR fan
On a sidenote, I, along with 3 of my castway members, Mookie, Earl and Stacy have started an organization: Start With One Life, to help children in South Africa orphaned by AIDS. We are currently looking for sponsors so that we can make the journey to South Africa. If you can help, please post a message here! or look on our website: Muchas gracias!

Emceeing The City of Hope event, in Anaheim, California

Thankfully, my new found "angels" from Ovations for the Cure were happy with my work as Emcee and, in fact, I managed to impress a pretty impressive lady herself, Ms. Cheryl Kennick, who is one of the Directors of the Food Industries that provide Food services to The City of Hope. She asked me if I would like to Emcee an event for them several months later, again in Anaheim. Hello!! Of course I accepted...I had NO idea it was going to be sooo HUGE!! I was freaking out when I arrived to find a big poster of me and tables for over a thousand people..Lordy!! Thankfully, I stepped up to the plate...and, at the end of the show...the part with the Male Models...I even got to join on the runway them struttin' my signature Miss Venezuela walk!!
The show was a huge success for the City of Hope, thanks to the hard work of EVERYONE at The City of Hope, in particular, my new friend/angel, Ms.Cheryl Kennick.

Rita as Emcee..for the "Ovarian Cancer" Stuart Weitzman Fashion Show

With my newfound friend/angel, Debbie Soprano, Chair, Ovations for The Cure
Thanks to Ms. Leeza Gibbons and Mr. Michael Gutierrez, a couple of weeks after meeting Leeza last year, I was asked to Emcee a #StuartWeitzman fashion show in Anahaeim benefitting Ovations For the Cure which helps raise awareness and funds for the research and cure of #Ovariancancer (see links section). I dedicate this post to the timeless, Patty Franchi-Flaherty, who founded this organization and will live on forever. Patty, you are an angel that I know is in peace, but not resting because I know that you are watching over us and making sure that we continue to keep your dream and fight alive. It was an AMAZING experience for me and the first BIG event for me as an Emcee. Some day, I will figure out how to edit and upload on You Tube so that I can upload this video and the other events I've Emceed. For now, with my two little ones to tend to, my time is still soo images will have to do :-)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

With the beautiful and generous, Leeza Gibbons

This was the second time I've been so lucky to meet up with Leeza. I first met her thanks to one of the BEST agents I've had thus far, my mother, Raquel. She told me Leeza was in town, San Antonio, for the opening of her first "Leeza's Place" dedicated to care for caregivers, specifically, those caring for Alzheimer's patients, such as was Leeza's mother. I was very lucky that it turned out that one of my dearest friends, Miguel Gutierrez, whom I had met when Coaching the Miss Latina Crown contestants 3 yrs. ago, was now Leeza's right hand here in San Antonio. It was he who immediately introduced me to her and we clicked instantly..thanks to being "fellow" REality Show contestants. In fact, in the speach she had given that afternoon, she spoke of how gruelling and out of the box "Dancing With the Stars" was for her. She just about fainted when I told her I was on SURVIVOR. She was so sweet and told me how impressed she was with me. A couple of weeks later, I received a call from Miguel asking me to step in for Leeza as Emcee for a Stuart Weitzman fashion show in Anaheim, CA, benefitting The Ovarian Cancer Organization. WOW!! I will post a video about that event soon, I hope!! and what that one led to. THANK YOU SOO MUCH, Miguel and Leeza!!!